It was recommended to me to provide more information about me. I opened up with events, but I really haven’t provided too much about the “real” me.

I was born in Australia in 1973. My father was in the US Navy and he met my mother over there. They got married and I was brought into this world 11 months later.

Since I was in a military family, we moved frequently. It is hard on a child because you literally move every 18-36 months. Each time you go through the same process. You hope your stuff does not get stolen/broken by the moving company and you try to make new friends. I use the word friend very lightly, because it is nearly impossible for a true friendship to form since one of you will be moving very soon. I have just one friend from my childhood I still keep in touch with. Just one. The rest of my friends were formed once we stopped moving around. My father retired in Orlando FL, so I was trapped there until I moved to the Washington DC area in 2006 after getting my 4 year degree from the University of Central Florida.

I have never been married although I was engaged. The engagement was broken off by her in February 2009. I hold absolutely no bitterness toward her because she rescued us both from a bad decision. I applaud her courage to make the right call. I broke off contact so we could both move on with our lives. My history with her has no connection to my near tragedy in 2011.

As you will read in the blog, I nearly took my own life. At this time, I am still not comfortable exposing all of the events that built up to that moment. Forgive me for holding on to that small portion.

Since that time, I have made many great changes in my life to improve all areas. I am in a fantastic place mentally. Physically, I am still improving. I took an active interest in my physical health because I finally wanted to live instead of wasting away. At my peak, I weighed in at 375 pounds. I am a tall guy at 6’5″, but it is still too much weight for a body to have. One of the scariest results I get back from the doctor was my cholesterol numbers. I decided to tackle that, because I did not want to die of heart failure while I was just getting my life repaired. One of the best changes I made for my health was switching to a plant based eating lifestyle.

I do consider myself a dietary vegan. I make no judgment about those who do/do not eat meat. I made this choice for me and me alone. One of the first things I noticed once I switched was the fact my asthma was cured. I have not needed my inhaler since December 2012. My cholesterol numbers continue to improve. And as of mid March, 2014, I weigh 340 pounds. (I will keep striving toward 225 before I hit the Appalachian Trail) I hope to complete the Appalachian Trail as a vegan, but if it is too difficult, I will try it as a vegetarian. I wish to show how much better my life is without meat, dairy, and eggs.

I will close with this. I am just a regular guy who was given a second chance at life. I fully believe I owe it to those who got me the help I needed to get my story out there to try and help others. There is hope for those in dark places….and, there is a journey for all who wish to live life fully. I am real, I am ordinary, I am here when I almost wasn’t. Feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook if you choose. I am also on Twitter now @Couch2Trail

If you would like a free Couch2Trail bumper sticker, send a self addressed envelope with a stamp and I will send you one. I will not keep any addresses, I am just going to put the sticker in, seal it, and drop it in the mailbox back to you.

The address is:
4196 Merchant Plaza
Box 623
Lake Ridge, VA 22193

Any media who would like to discuss my journey, please use the above address or contact me on the Facebook page

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